Clean water for all.

We believe in a future where clean water becomes a basic human right. Our mission is to work with local partners around the world to set up community partnerships for long-term sustainable water projects.


Water is life.

Clean water changes everything. At Blue Angel Charity our mission is help bring access to clean water in underdeveloped nations and work with local partners and community members to find best practices in establishing water resources and sanitation and hygiene projects that keep the water flowing for years to come.


Partners & Impact

Our work has just began. At Blue Angel Charity organization we choose to partner with local partners that have demonstrated a community-centered approach, and a deep knowledge of water project implementation. They are some of the best in the world at bringing clean water to people in need. These are the partners that Blue Angel Charity will fund.

Ekenywa Children.jpg

Water is the first step.

Water is something we can’t live without, but also a resource that we consistently abuse. Working to solve the water crisis helps build communities and allows children to be healthy, attend school, and grow both physically and cognitively. Let’s work together to bring values to this amazing cause.